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Save Energy this Earth Day

Posted: Apr 22 | Author: Sierra Camilleri | Category: Energy Saving


Just the other day I was having lunch downtown Seattle, in the Space Needle. After taking more than my fair share of pictures, I realized how many cranes and construction was going on.  I counted 20 cranes to be exact!  I thought to myself... where is all this coming from? And where are all these people going to get energy to their building?! 

Often times this isn’t something you think about. You just plug your lamp in and it works! How nice is that? But what happens when there is too much demand for the local power supply to provide? Do you just build more power plants? Where do you get the land to build such power plants in the middle of a city? And the money it would take to build something like that! I know it isn’t something I want to pay for. There has got to be a better way than this reactive solution, and I promise you there is. 

To continue using Seattle as an example, they currently have stringent, nation-leading energy codes in place that target a carbon neutral impact for all new buildings by 2050! This requires builders and engineers to use the most efficient materials in energy conservation products.  This includes windows, insulation, HVAC and lighting controls, plug load controls, display of sub-metered energy use, extensive commissioning processes, and rooftop preparation for future solar panel installation.  This allows the building to use significantly less energy than older pre-existing structures. 

Though these energy codes are great, focusing on new buildings isn’t enough. We are here to help. 

NW Edison can upgrade your entire lighting and electrical system, by installing a completely new lighting for your building, or simply retrofit your existing system with more energy efficient lamps and ballasts. We are known for our professionalism, fast and completely thorough work throughout the Western US. We always take pride in doing the right thing.

So now you may be thinking... sure that all sounds great but where do I get the money for something like that? And where do I start?

Many local power companies also provide grants to companies who can show that they will be saving energy! We can help you apply for those grants and get your project funded by up to 80%! 

Let's work together to make everyday Earth Day! 

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