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25 Years of Government Lighting Service

For over 25 years Industrial Light & Energy, Inc dba: Northwest Edison has happily served the U.S. Government with their commercial and industrial lighting projects throughout the Western United States.

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Retrofitted over 405,000 fixtures since 2015*

Configured over 76,000 new fixtures since 2015*

Installed over 42,000 streetlights since 2015*

Doing business for over 27 years

Experience in over 14 different States

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Project Spotlights

Carson City School District
Carson City School District

Carson City, Nevada

This Carson City School District project was a lighting upgrade project in Carson City, Nevada. The initial audit and design work began in July of 2016. Our crew began construction June 2017 and finished September 2017.

The Carson City School District lighting upgrades project was a turnkey venture that consisted of district wide interior and exterior lighting upgrades and retrofit measures.  Sixteen total sites were upgraded and/or retrofitted with new high efficiency LED lighting equipment.  This project was executed at a cost of $1.2 million as part of an energy solutions performance contract.  The overall project scope consisted of auditing services, development of lighting solutions, procurement of materials, installation and verification of energy measures, and closeout documentation.  Throughout the project execution process, the project management team implemented plans for integration, scope, schedule, budget, quality, human resources, communication, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management.

In following the proposed plans, the team achieved high quality of work, full compliance with contract requirements, strict conformance to client standards, and final approval from the owner and the Carson City Building Department.  

During the construction phase of the project, discrepancies in counts and fixture types between contracted scope of work and actual building equipment were discovered.  These types of issues were promptly communicated to the owner, along with solutions that were achievable within contractual schedule and budget constraints.  Through proactive resolution to issues, the team was able to meet schedule milestones desired by the client, and the substantial completion target date was attained. 

Customer satisfaction feedback on this project was very good from the client, owner, and end-users.  

A regional subcontractor was used on this project to complement our core installation crew.  The additional resources supplied by the subcontractor allowed the team to expedite the construction schedule tasks, while maintaining high quality on deliverables.

Seattle VA Hospital
Seattle VA Hospital

Seattle, Washington

The Seattle VA hospital is a project that directly correlates to the work that would be performed at Joint Base Lewis McChord. Within this project, there was a multitude of different lighting applications. From a significant amount of TLED’s, industrial high bay fixtures, exterior lighting applications and wireless controls, the project at VA Seattle makes the new opportunity at JBLM very similar in scope.

The design phase of this project began in June 2016 and NW Edison reached substantial completion at the VA Hospital in October 2017.

Very similarly to JBLM, the initial lighting survey was based on estimates used to calculate potential energy incentives from Seattle City Light. Northwest Edison and the BPA team were intricate in facilitating the pre and post inspections for the lighting incentive.

Once contract was awarded for the VA project, Northwest Edison performed a design grade audit. While there were challenges with major discrepancies the original audit, these were worked out through Northwest Edison conduction our own audit and resolving the challenges up front. Northwest Edison worked diligently with BPA to facilitate the proper solution for their VA Hospital customer.

During this complex installation, electricians performed extremely well.  It was evident through the commissioning, training, and final punch list that the customers’ expectations had been met and customer satisfaction had been achieved.  Hospital employees were thrilled to with the final results of the lighting upgrade and their ability to control light levels through the wireless dimming control system.

Continual support with the complexity of lighting solutions from LED troffer kits with wireless controls, to exterior flood light and area lighting control strategies will be the focal point moving forward.  Our team will continue to ensure satisfaction as the customer experiences their new lighting systems and energy savings for many years to come.

The lighting upgrade on this job was 100% performed by Northwest Edison.

BPA Headquarters
BPA Headquarters

Portland, Oregon

Northwest Edison performed a TLED installation for the Bonneville Power Administration headquarters in Portland, Oregon starting in June 2016 and finishing in July 2016. This project was a labor only project that included the installation of mainly TLEDs and recessed can retrofit fixtures. The upgrade occurred in a multitude of space types, from parking garages to office building applications, making this a labor only project very similar to the ensuing installation scope at JBLM.

Northwest Edison complied with the many safety requirements and additional training to meet BPA requirements which was facilitated through their building management group, Centerra.

Northwest Edison’s daily reporting activities instituted a strict schedule and installation plan. This reporting activity included marking-up existing drawings while on site, which would eventually be designed as the as-built for the project.

Quality of work performed was reviewed by the customer and site superintendent each week or daily as needed. As always, installation quality and general housekeeping/cleanliness were of our crews’ highest priorities. 

Light level requirements were a challenge for the BPA HQ project because of the wide range of tasks and space types. Northwest Edison performed light level readings with BPA to identify all special needs areas. We found lamp specifications and mounting solutions that allowed us to meet all the customers light level requirements.

Northwest Edison was asked to perform the installation of this work in a very short window of time. In 30 days we were able to cover 11 floors, install 5500 TLEDs and replace 10,800 tombstones. Proper staffing and management was essential to meet the customer’s deadline. The engagement with BPA representatives Jennifer Williams & Michael Brand to execute badging, training, and schedule was integral to this project’s success. Overall, the installation at BPA HQ was a huge success, resulting in BPA meeting their completion date and energy conservation goals.

The lighting upgrade on this job was 100% performed by Northwest Edison

NOAA Regional Head Quarters
NOAA Regional Head Quarters

Seattle, Washington

This project consisted of a complete LED lighting upgrade – both interior and exterior.  Interior design consisted of replacing existing 2x4 and 2x2 troffers with LED kits as well as some T8 LED tubes, downlight LED retrofit kits, and replacing a variety of PAR and A19 type lamps – both CFL and Incandescent – to LED.  The exterior consisted of mostly Metal Halide HID fixtures, and were upgraded to LED.  Duration of project was scheduled at 75 days for interior, and 100 days for exterior.

The contract was successfully fulfilled, and the period of performance for this job was from January 2016 through April 2017.

Electricians performed very well, leaving behind a high quality of work and strong customer satisfaction.  We performed this contract under and ESCO – Ameresco, and the outcome of the project was extremely well received.

There were some Union issues/complications we needed to address on this project, where there were tenant compliance challenges.  Essentially there were communication gaps between the ESCO and NOAA on scheduled working times.  We addressed these by being extremely flexible in our work plan, sometimes having to go from Plan A, to Plan B, C, and sometimes D, in case we did have a disruption in the communication.

Timeline ended up being delayed approx. 3 months, as customer made the decision to change from wired controls to wireless controls.  This delay was primarily product availability related, but also caused additional time in new permit submittals and updating as-built reports.

The timeline of the project did need to be extended due to the product delay challenges as well as some requested change-orders from the customer.  The date extensions were granted with no penalties.

Northwest Edison did receive very positive feedback from NOAA having a high degree of satisfaction with the way we worked and performed on the project. 

The lighting upgrade on this job was 100% performed by Northwest Edison.


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We are able to fully service the highlighted 13 states across the western United States, and through our partners, the entire United States. View more in-depth project case studies.

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Leaders in Government Lighting Projects

Leaders in Government Lighting Projects

We are able to fully service the highlighted 13 states across the western United States, and through our partners, the entire United States.

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