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Electric Vehicle Charging

Posted: Mar 10 | Author: Northwest Edison | Category: Energy Saving

EV charging stations might be just the thing your facility needs to be prepared for things to come. It is important to stay ahead of the game and have the proper team ready to install and service your station.

Considering our Nation’s current Presidential administration, electric energy will be highly encouraged and even enforced. Best to start sooner than later when it comes to installing electrical vehicle charging stations on your property.

The potential to both save energy and create revenue are two impactful benefits to EV charging stations. Depending on the space, there is major potential for increased employee satisfaction, customer attraction, and tenant loyalty. Northwest Edison is ready to provide advice and information as to the proper size and quantity of EV charging stations for your facility. Installing the correct brand and type of station is crucial for the success of your potential savings and profit. Thankfully, Northwest Edison partners with some of the highest-ranking electric vehicle charging station suppliers in the Nation.

The recent advancements with EV charging technology allows each station to be set up with networked controls. There are several benefits to networked controlled EV charging stations. As the owner of these stations, you can see how much energy you are saving and expending. This allows for charts and graphs to show state government and clients your environmental consciousness.

Another benefit is the ability to offer free charging service for employees or tenants, and be able to charge for public usage. This way the owner is able to provide a helpful, attractive service, but also ensure it comes at no additional cost to their energy budget. Networked controls allow the owner to control the output of energy. This provides the ability to track and upgrade remotely. This future proofs the investment and avoids needing a new system to keep pace with the changing technology.

Times are changing, quickly! It is important to modify your property in order to accommodate the current shift to electric energy. Northwest Edison is committed to providing excellent design, installation, and service of these stations at any property. We utilize the highest quality suppliers, employ the best electricians, and have the most knowledgeable office staff that are certified and ready to help. Please reach out to us for a free quote at our website or give us a call at (425)806-9200.