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When you get right down to it, there’s no substitution for excellence.

As the West’s leading energy efficient solutions firm, Northwest Edison knows that superior customer satisfaction and quality services are the building blocks of a successful relationship.

Northwest Edison specializes in interior and exterior industrial and commercial lighting, street and area lighting, EV charging, indoor air quality, battery storage, controls systems, electrical, emergency and government sector lighting services. Efficient, well-illuminated retail spaces, classrooms, warehouses, parking garages, processing and production areas can positively impact productivity and safety as well as improving the economic bottom line. We conduct energy audits, specify and install lighting products, design control systems and provide professional installation with one of the largest and most experienced teams throughout the West.

Innovative technology solutions through expertise: That is the common denominator across everything Northwest Edison does. Our services are grounded in rigorous standards and proven through decades of practical experience. 

Street and Area Lighting

Northwest Edison provides street and area lighting services from the West's most skilled and knowledgeable lighting professionals in the industry.

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Lighting Controls

Northwest Edison delivers lighting control technologies that let you control your world. We have proudly earned our reputation as a leader in the...

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Industrial Lighting

Northwest Edison offers services to take your industrial lighting project from design concept through the development process to satisfied completion.

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GIS Auditing and Mapping

Northwest Edison uses geographic information systems (GIS) for making precision auditing and mapping decisions. We rely on GIS technology to provide...

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Electrical and Lighting Service

Northwest Edison performs a wide variety of lighting and electrical services across the Seattle metropolitan area and throughout Washington State....

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Commercial Lighting

Lighting design and implementation is a feat of artistic engineering and science. This is true for many components of the various commercial lighting...

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Battery Storage

Battery technology is advancing quickly, and performance has been rising while costs decline. All of those factors make batteries an attractive...

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Since 1993, Northwest Edison has been delivering energy saving solutions to numerous different facilities across the Western United States. We are a premier contractor that can provide the best lighting, electrical, EV charging, indoor air quality, controls system, and energy storage solution. As our company and services have grown, our core values remain unchanged and continue to motivate us:

  • Customer Focus
  • Hard Work
  • Family Values

We strive to exceed your expectations now and for years to come. 


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