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Street and Area Lighting

Northwest Edison provides street and area lighting services from the West's most skilled and knowledgeable lighting professionals in the industry.

Street lighting is a fundamental necessity for the growth and prosperity of cities all across the Western United States.

Northwest Edison provides street and area lighting services from the West’s most skilled and knowledgeable lighting professionals in the industry.

As cities grow and traffic density increases throughout all metropolitan areas, it is a top priority to understand the important role that street and area lighting plays in the safety of pedestrians, to visually aid drivers and to prevent and reduce the fear of crime. Design of street and roadway lighting systems takes a unique understanding of numerous considerations such as visibility, aesthetics, economics, environmental and safety factors. 

Northwest Edison also looks beyond the safety measures street and area lighting creates for our neighborhoods. We believe in going above and beyond the project details creating a precision, well-designed lighting layout that also aesthetically enhances urban centers, downtown business districts, parking facilities and cities’ main streets. 

Properly designed street light conversions can be complex and involve significant coordination to ensure that the details are precise from the initial planning stages to the final phases of a project. Since most municipalities have never undertaken a comprehensive upgrade of their street light infrastructure, it is important that they choose a skilled team of experts that is knowledgeable about the conversion process.

The key to developing an effective plan is to relate lighting to the nighttime functions of a particular space, because on a grander scale, street lighting is more than just a technical requirement, a design element or a security need. It is also ensuring how the type, placement, and wattage will affect the street’s appearance and how it is used. Although its primary purpose is nighttime visibility for security and safety, successful street lighting takes into account user experience and not just the requirements set by local transportation departments and public works agencies.

Northwest Edison approaches each street and area lighting project with these fundamental principles:
  • Street or Area Scale
  • Photometric Analysis
  • Street or Area Character
  • Street or Area Lighting Compatibility and Coordination
Northwest Edison is proud to assist municipalities throughout the Western United States with services such as:
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Auditing and Mapping
  • Street and Area Lighting Design and Modelling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Lighting Options Based on Space and Area
  • Valuation Modeling
  • Complex Lighting Design Solutions
  • Lighting Design Analysis for Planning Applications
  • Field Inspection and Installation
  • Streets, Roadways and Urban Thoroughfares
  • Engineering support and Technical Assistance
  • Operations and Maintenance

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