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LED Products Curated by NWE

Posted: Mar 08 | Author: Clayton Kaminski | Category: LED Lighting

alt34.jpgIn a quick changing industry with countless emerging products, a critical piece to the success of Northwest Edison is a comprehensive awareness of all available and viable lighting products.  There are hundreds of LED products to choose from.  So how do we know what quality products to use?   There are multiple key factors that make a product viable for a successful energy product which include: Pricing, Efficacy, Lead times, Efficiency, Controls, Compatibility, Ease of Installation, Warranty, Customer Support and so on.  

In order to sift through the vast plethora of LED manufacturers and suppliers we decided to hold the first ever Northwest Edison Invitational.  

The idea behind the Invitational was to hand pick the highest quality, most efficient, intelligent, LED related products and invite the vendors to demonstrate their products to our design and engineering team.  This format allowed state of the art manufacturers and suppliers the opportunity to have face to face discussions with our three LC (Lighting Certified) experts from Northwest Edison and several of our 01 Master Electricians about the specific nuances of commercial and industrial LED lighting that otherwise might have been overlooked.  By bringing together all of our experts to sit in the same room to have an open dialog with equally bright minded suppliers, the conference was without a doubt invaluable to our team.

We flew in our design and engineering team from across the western United States for this two day Invitational held February 23rd and 24th, 2016.   All together there were ten presentations; some presentations were unique such as Lightpro Auditing Software.   Others were impressive like the 160 lumen/watt LED highbay from PlanLED.

Our goal was to create awareness for the Northwest Edison Design and Engineering Team so that they can go forth and build viable, successful, energy conservation projects with the best products available. This was most certainly was accomplished and we look forward to holding 2017 Northwest Edison Invitational next year.