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Ultraviolet Lights in Uncertain Times

Posted: May 05 | Author: Clayton Kaminski | Category: LED Lighting

Ultraviolet Cleaning, does it really work? You may have noticed we are in the midst of a global pandemic battling the Coronavirus. Staying at home, or at least staying six feet away from that guy at the grocery store are both great ways to help prevent the spread of the virus. That's all good; but I am more interested in learning how to prevent viral illnesses like this from happening in the future!

Obviously, washing your hands is a proven method to tear apart the cellular structure of the virus. Without taking you on a super molecular journey, soap acts as a magnet to the fatty protein on the outside of the cell, known as the lipid. Once the cell's lipid attaches to the nonpolar soap molecule it's "game over". The cellular structure will bond with the soap rather than your hand and you wash it down the drain. 

That's awesome, but we have the opportunity to take more action than just washing our hands. What if I told you there was a way to destroy the DNA of microorganisms using radiation? No, I am not talking about nuking COVID-19. Have you ever been sunburned? A sunburn is a result of a powerful ultraviolet light being absorbed at the molecular level of your skin. This radiation causes inflammation, redness, and even worse your cell's DNA can be affected. If left unchecked or overexposed, UV radiation can kill one's cells or cause a mutation of the cells (cancer). Okay, so now we know that ultraviolet light radiation damages cells because we've experienced a sunburn. Check. Now, can we use UV light to target and kill the microorganisms that could harm us, such as coronavirus? Heck yeah, we can. Is it effective? That all depends. Decontamination effectiveness with UV radiation has several variables: How long is the surface exposed to UV light? How far away is the surface from the UV light? Is there any dirt or debris getting in the way of the UV light? UV light disinfection is a well-studied antimicrobial technology. These UV devices have been in use by hospitals for over a decade as a backup to traditional cleaning methods. UV technology is incredible because it sanitizes the entire area that is exposed to the ultraviolet light all at once, with minimal labor and no chemicals. For example, put it in your office, salon, kitchen, in schools, etc. and turn them on the evening allowing the UV rays to hit and destroy any dangerous viruses before the next day. Be sure to do your research because shape, size, and effectiveness of UV devices can vary. If you are interested in leasing, buying, or having a UV light disinfection device installed let me know and I can help you with your purchase. Here is a link regarding UV disinfecting if you are interested in learning more...