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The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Posted: Apr 07 | Author: Ole Rodne | Category: Maintenance


  • Is the life of you building’s lighting slowly failing you?
  • Sick of having to make a service requests every week?

We can help. 

nwedison10-26-15-85.jpgScheduling routine maintenance for your lighting system is similar to maintenance for your car. You go in every 3,000-5,000 miles for an oil change before any serious repairs are necessary.  The mechanics inspect your entire vehicle and let you know if anything needs replacing and possible upcoming maintenance so you can plan for it.  Northwest Edison can do the same for your lighting. 

We have many customers who are on a monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly routine maintenance for their convenience and the upkeep of their buildings look.  With flickering lighting or burnt out bulbs it can make a business look worn down and unprofessional.  Once your routine maintenance is set up, we will work together to create a maintenance schedule that best suits your company’s needs.  

This takes away the hassle of the customer having to call in a service call every time a light goes out, and customers enjoy the convenience.

The next question you may ask… why do customers have so many lights burn out each month? I thought maintenance was to prevent this from happening?

Often time’s maintenance is set up with a customer who has an older lighting system, so by the time we are working with them the system may already be 5-10 years old. Some lighting systems still work great and only require minor replacements every quarter, but as they get older the more often repairs are needed. 

To help prevent this from happening we offer the option of upgrading their lighting system to LED. It is more money up front to make this change as we are changing out each light rather than just a couple each month, but the savings adds up quickly. 


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