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Our Projects

AK DOT Northern Region

TIMELINE: July 2015 – October 2015

In the summer of 2015, Northwest Edison performed a lighting upgrade for the Alaska Department of Transportation’s Northern Region. Having performed a thorough audit of each of the facilities inside and out, our design team specified energy efficient, durable fixtures and lamps that could withstand the harsh climate and cold temperatures of Alaska. Our Project Management team handled the logistical challenges associated with transporting the necessary materials, supplies, and equipment. Two of Northwest Edison’s finest installers trekked across vast distances, via RV and Cargo Plane, to perform the professional installation at all eight DOT facilities. The result was a 100% LED lighting upgrade that provided the AKDOT with substantial energy saving in a state with one of the highest kWh pricing in the nation. The improved CRI and increased light levels mean that those working at the maintenance shops, garages, and other facilities now enjoy a dramatically brighter and clearer workplace.