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Our Projects

City of Renton

TIMELINE: September 2013 – March 2015

NW Edison partnered with an ESCO company to convert the City of Renton's street lighting to LED, which made up over 4,500 street lights. We collected detailed information about each pole and fixture type through our GIS auditing so that we would be able to complete an entirely new lighting design for them. This included many different fixture types including decorative, cobra and in ground fixtures and well as a complete tunnel redesign and install. We were able to drastically decrease their energy consumption and increased CRI (color rendering index) for safety.  

Services Utilized

GIS Mapping IconGIS Auditing and Mapping

Northwest Edison uses geographic information systems (GIS) for making precision auditing and mapping decisions. We rely on GIS technology to provide an efficient, integrated platform for planning and analysis, workforce automation and situational awareness. 

Street and Area Lighting IconStreet and Area Lighting

Northwest Edison provides street and area lighting services from the West's most skilled and knowledgeable lighting professionals in the industry.