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Dave Bolich

Dave Bolich

Field Superintendent


Dave Bolich has been with NW Edison since 2002. He is a highly accomplished Director of Operations with a wealth of experience in managing and optimizing business operations. He has a reputation for his strategic vision, operational acumen, and unwavering commitment to achieving company objectives. Dave’s leadership style is characterized by his ability to build high-performing teams, foster a positive work environment, and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Important Facts

Outside of his professional life, Dave is a proud father of four successful and beautiful daughters, whom he has raised alongside his wonderful wife of 28 years. He is a passionate rodeo and outdoor enthusiast, finding both excitement and relaxation in these sports. Dave also owns and meticulously maintains a small ranch just outside Spokane, Washington, where he enjoys the tranquility and hard work that come with rural life. His love for his family, rodeo, and outdoor life speaks volumes about his dedication, resilience, and vibrant spirit.