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Sinjin Anterola

Sinjin Anterola

Director of Business Development


Sinjin Anterola is a skilled master electrician and a dynamic Director of Business Development with a strong background in both technical and strategic roles. His expertise in electrical systems is matched by his ability to drive business growth and innovation. Sinjin’s leadership is marked by his technical acumen, strategic and critical thinking, and his ability to inspire teams to exceed their goals. 

Important Facts

Away from his demanding professional life, Sinjin is a devoted father of five, taking immense pride and joy in his children’s accomplishments. He is an avid music lover, finding solace and inspiration in melodies. An outdoors enthusiast, Sinjin enjoys most outdoor activities including camping and climbing, embracing the thrill and serenity that nature offers. He is also his children’s biggest cheerleader, always present at their events, cheering them on. His love for family, music, and the great outdoors reflects his multifaceted personality and zest for life.