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Pitfalls are the Pits

Posted on by Mar 23

Wanna know why this is being discussed on a lighting blog? Because Linear LED tubes. Because marketing directors. Because the regulations on how lamps and fixtures are marketed is even looser than it is on food. Here are the phrases we've been seeing lately and my footnotes on them:.. Read More

On the Road to "All LED" You Might Be Asking, "Are We There Yet?"

Posted on by Jan 26

About two years ago, we started having customers request quotes to do an all LED lighting upgrade. Cue the collective eye‐roll. The sales person would dutifully caution said customer about sticker shock, physical limitations of interior LED, importance of keeping options open, etc. Despite these valiant efforts, once the words "All LED" escape the lips of the customer, it shall be so!.. Read More

I am so thrilled with the work Northwest Edison has done for us. Everyone is so so happy!

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